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Stove Top Coffee

Aoraki Coffee Roaster's step by step guide to making a Stove Top Coffee

What you will need:

  • The Stovetop Espresso Maker

  • Coffee Beans/Suitable Coffee Grounds

  • A Grinder(for grinding the coffee beans)

  • Cold, filter water

  • Heatsource(gas fire, induction)

Step 1 - Prepare Your Stove Top

Separate your Stovetop Espresso Maker into its three parts:

  • The Bottom Chamber: for the water

  • The Filter: for the coffee grounds

  • The Top Chamber: for the finished coffee

Step 2 - Prepare your coffee

  • Grind your coffee to fine grind, it feels like table salt to touch.

  • Or just inform us @ Aoraki Coffee for your next coffee order

Step 3 - Add Water

  • Fill the lower chamber with cold filtered water. Don't go over the safety line!

  • Quality water needs - free of odor and taste, no visible impurities, 3-4 grains of calcium hardness, no chlorine and pH of 7-8

  • Remember "Your brewed coffee is 98%-99% water!"

Step 4 - Add the Coffee Grounds

  • Take the filter basket and fill it all the way with coffee grounds.

  • Use the ratio of 1g of coffee grounds to 17ml of water for Buda & Pest Blend and 1960's Blend. For French Blend and Ken's Choice Blend, we would suggest 1g of coffee grounds to 7.7ml of water. (But that can be adjusted to your personal preferences)

  • Make sure it is even and full! But do not press or temp! Coffee Grounds need space to expand when mix with water. Just like the photo below

Step 5 - Reassemble the Unit

  • Almost to your perfect cup of coffee! All that is left is to put your Stovetop Espresso maker back together!

  • Place the filter back into the water-filled bottom chamber.

  • Then screw the top chamber on well but not too t

Step 6 - Add Heat

  • Place your Stovetop espresso maker on heat sources. It could be gas stove, heat element, or induction stovetop.

  • Don't wander off, as you need to be present when it starts to boil.

  • If using a gas stove, be careful the flame doesn't melt the plastic handles.

Step 7 - Enjoy Your Coffee

  • When you hear a gurgling sound, this means water has made the short, hot trip north and has filled the upper chamber with some delicious coffee.

  • Remove the maker from the heat source and pour coffee into a cup. You still can mix milk in your cup of coffee, just like what you do with an extraction out of espresso machine. Even try your style of Latte Art!

Aoraki Coffee Roaster

The Hub

20 Hampton Downs Road

International Motor Sports Park

Waikato 3782

New Zealand

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