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Ken’s Choice(Flat White) Blend


2018 Melbourne coffee awards Silver for best milk category 2018 Australia golden bean awards Silver for best milk category

Strength: 3.5/5

Flavor: Dark coco with pink cherry and dry raisin notes plus a hint of red wine.

Recommended Use: Espresso, V60, Aeropress, Chemex

The accurate cupping notes from NZ Taster Champion help this five different single blend right into a perfect ratio, designed as a rich dark cocoa espresso or a silky smooth milk chocolate flatwhite. One of the distinct sweet orange notes is from Guatemala Finca El Hato, a family owned farm, since 1938.

The Aoraki Flatwhite Blend proudly represented NZ won the silver award of 2018 Melbourne international coffee awards, also grabbed 2018 AU/NZ Golden Bean Awards milk based coffee silver medal.

Judges from Melbourne International Awards comments: very good espresso cut through, balance dark chocolate flavours with soft notes of cherry and raisin.

Judges from Golden Bean Awards comments: flavour - dark choc, textured spice. aftertaste - lingering, slight dryness taste balance - strong, smooth strong coffee presents cloves, nutmeg and dark chocolate, flavour showing a good level of depth

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