Alex Duetto IV Plus

Alex Duetto IV Plus




    New in the Duetto IV Plus:

    The Plus model has greater cup clearance.

    New Improvements to the Alex Duetto 2017 Model

    New PID Temperature Controller – With Shot Timer

    The motor is now installed over the Pump. (Previously mentioned by DaveC)

    Improved E61 (Stainless Steel Mushroom – Part inside the Famous E61 Group)

    Easy to Adjust pump pressure. Accessible form the side without dissembling the machine.

    Easy to descale. New valves to easily empty the boiler water.

    Easy to access heating elements. Accessible by unscrewing part of the base of the machine

    Lower cup clearance drip tray with magnets to allow easier positioning.

    Automatic water loading – The water level probe inside the boiler manages plumbing, water level parameters for

    +The Tank sensor is automatically turned off when the machine is plumbed into the main water supply.

    +In case of failure of the main water system the machine is automatically turned off.

    Retail price: $5485 incl GST, special price: $4985 incl GST


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