The Sette 270 is set to be the new star of Baratza's grinder lineup. The innovative grinder features almost 300 grind settings, a brand new conical burr set, and a pass-through grinding system that leaves almost no retained coffee grounds behind. We recommend this grinder for use with your home espresso set up as it excels with finer grind settings.

    For all the specs head to the Baratza site.



    Baratza Sette 270 grinder

    10 oz capacity shut-off hopper

    Grinds bin

    Removable power cable


    We try and get our coffee machine to your door in not only the most cost effective way but also in a method that won't damage your machine. To be able to do that we use a number of courier companies depending on the scenario. We've also found that in some regions we get better service from a particular company, so we'll stick with them for deliveries in those areas. Or pick up your own is another good option.